Eaglenet Logistic Services – Abuja – has joined GEM!

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network is proud to welcome Eaglenet Logistic Services as a member of our exclusive group.
EAGLENET LOGISTIC SERVICES LIMITED is a fast growing company with modern logistics equipment, with an operational base in Abuja as well as other strategic locations all over Nigeria. Our services range from household and office removals, Airfreight services, Ocean freight services, Road transport services, Haulage and Distribution. The services provided are designed to utilize its comparative advantages in the market in which it operates to give maximum value to the customer and can be tailored to the needs of individual clients.
Eaglenet Logistic Services Limited, is one of the leading logistic and removal companies in Nigeria located in Abuja, Federal Capital City of Nigeria. We provide a wide range of specialized logistics solutions to companies and organizations across all sectors. These solutions cover all transportation, removal, storage and distribution requirements of the clients as per each and every project.
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