Featured Mover – Mr. Ram Shastry from BR Shastry in India.

Featured Mover – Mr. Ram Shastry – BR Shastry Logistics LLP
1) When did you get involved in the Removal Industry?
I got involved in the removal industry back in 1993. 
2) What made you become involved in Removals?
Before 1993, I had worked in the international freight forwarding and for some time in the express courier business .So it was not difficult to adapt to the requirements of removals when a good opening came up. Personally I found it very interesting as a service provider, since I had myself moved over a dozen times during my first career in the Indian government.
3) What do you feel is the biggest problem in the Removal industry right now?
The biggest problem in my view is the liquidity crisis being faced by the client companies on the one hand, and the commodification of the removals services on the other. These two together tend to put a squeeze on moving companies since clients are forced to give top priority to cost control , in practical terms sacrificing, to an extent, customer service standards for their employees.  A good response to these challenges is for moving companies to network together and strengthen themselves.
4) What attracted you to our new exclusive network?
Our Chennai, India office has been operating as an independent agent for some time now. However, for the reasons mentioned above, we were looking to join a network of like-minded movers. GEM gave us a compelling value proposition and we decided to join it. The concept of a city-based exclusive network appealed to us.
5) As a Global Exclusive Movers’ Network Committee member how would you like to steer the network and what can we as management do in the coming months to make us a stronger group?
The start has been very encouraging. The vetting process is robust and has further built up our confidence in the future of the network. We look forward to the network providing more value-added services, for example, bidding for contracts as a group so that members’ expectations for commercial benefits are met. The more the number of nodes in a network, the more effective it is. This should be the top priority .We believe that once a critical number is passed, the network effects will automatically kick in.
6) What do you look for in an overseas company before you agree to work with them?
A reliable customer service along with financial stability. Clarity in communications. Strong in compliance. A desire to maintain long term relationships.
7) Outside of work what are your interests and hobbies?
Currently I am involved in organic farming and homestead activities, which are very “local” activities in contrast to running an international moving company. I also follow aviation subjects because of my earlier career as a pilot, and many of my friends fly for airlines across India and Asia.
8) What would you like to say to your fellow members in 1 sentence?

I believe that the best way to face challenges in the future is by networking to leverage the strength of a group versus trying to cope with the winds of change as an individual company.

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