Keys to unlock network success!

There are many networks in the greater logistics world and people join them expecting business to come straight to them. This is the biggest network mistake. You can’t just sit and expect business to come. You must be active!
‘How do you be active?’ I hear you say! We will get to that soon! But firstly I must tell you that the majority of these other networks are non-exclusive meaning that there is no cap on the number of members. With Global Exclusive Movers’ Network membership you are Exclusive in your area. This means that you have the monopoly of business in your area making return on investment much easier! On top of that we are an International Removal Dedicated Network!
How to be active? – Keys to unlock network success.
Firstly, as a GEM Member you have unlimited social media exposure. Use it! Send us any photos or news stories you have about recent moves or members you are working with. These news stories get your name out there in the network and also the greater international community.
Secondly, when a new member is announced make sure that you send them a personal message welcoming them. Start building the relationship from day 1.
Thirdly, attend the events. Simple as that! Business partnerships take a huge leap forward once you have met in person.
Finally, keep in contact with the GEM team. Don’t join and then disappear. Give us your feedback and we will take your advice on-board.  APPLY TODAY FOR GEM MEMBERSHIP
Written by: Matthew O’Hagan

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