Customer Corner – Moving with Pets and Babies


Each month we like to give customers hacks and tips to help improve their moving experience. This month we are going to talk about moving with a baby and moving with a pet.

Part 1 – Moving with a baby

Planning a move when you have an infant can be a stressful endeavour but there are a few things you can do to help make it an easier experience. A huge mistake that many people make is that they end up sending all of the important baby items off in the container and then realise that the baby’s favourite toy or blanket has already been packed and shipped or is buried deep inside a box somewhere. Be sure that you have a dedicated baby bag that stays with you throughout the entire moving process be it a short move across town or a move overseas. Include your child’s favourite toy, blanket, spare clothes and changing items. Babies are not big fans of change so the more things you have and can do to bring a sense of comfort and normality to your baby the better.

Here are some tips for moving with a baby:

  1. Leave the baby’s stuff to the end in your packing process. This way you do not accidently pack an important baby item and then have to open box after box trying to find it.
  2. Babies don’t like change so keep the baby’s routine as normal as possible with nap times and feedings. Babies don’t really worry about the mess of packed boxes as they are too young to notice but they certainly feel any stress felt by the parents so if you can keep their routine as normal as possible during the moving process it will save a lot of crying!
  3. Keeping the moving process safe! If you have a toddler crawling and walking about stacks of boxes can be dangerous so ensure that the area is secure and baby friendly throughout the move. Also ensure that your new house has all of the safety essentials that every home needs with a baby around such as stair gates and electrical socket plugs before your move in.
  4. Unpack and set up your child’s room right away in the new house. This gives them a comfortable and familiar place.
  5. Get help with packing so you can take the baby out and away from the packing chaos. Hiring a moving company to do the hard work will save you so much hassle and allow you to escape with the baby for a few hours. At Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) all of our movers are family friendly, trusted and professional.

Part2 – Moving with a pet

Another ingredient to produce stress during a move is moving with a pet. This takes a lot of preplanning and is certainly not something you should leave to the last minute. Moving with your pet within your own country is of course a much easier task. However, you must still be well prepared and take care to not distress your pet. Internationally takes a lot more planning and it is best to seek advice from your nearest pet relocation expert.

Here are some top pet relocation tips:

  1. Try to keep your pet away from all packing activities as this can be incredibly stressful for your pet.
  2. Make a vet visit to make sure that their vaccines are up to date and that they have the correct vaccines required if the move is international. Also use this time to get microchip information updated with the new address and information.
  3. Read up on customs laws to find out if quarantines are required.
  4. Have a safe room for them to stay where they feel comfortable when packing is happening.
  5. If moving international get them used to their crate before the move happens to minimize stress. Let them sleep in the chosen crate in the weeks before to get them comfortable with it.
  6. Time it so that the pet arrives at the new location once unpacking has been done as this allows them to become accustomed to the new surroundings whilst also having furniture or other items that they recognize from the old home.
  7. Make sure they are secure and cannot escape once in the new location.
  8. Let your pet adjust slowly. If your cat hides under the bed in the new house let it be and adjust in their own time. For a dog, take it for lots of walks around the new area so that they can get adjusted to the new surroundings and so that they can get used to new smells and sights.

Written by: Matthew O’Hagan

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