A new group with a BIG Future – The approach you should take!

Ever since our inception in June 2018 we have grown steadily and attracted a huge amount of attention in the removals industry. Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) has a long list of benefits for its members but often our team receives the same questions from companies across the world with regard to joining. The approach to tackling network membership is often at the top of this list. In this blog post we are going to tackle this and talk about the best way to approach exclusive membership.
Network membership success can take time to come so commitment is key!
In many networks out there you get very little added service for your membership fee. Once you pay you are left alone to fight for business in what is usually an over-crowded playing field.  At GEM we are different! We know that it can take time for business to come so we offer all members UNLIMITED advertising at no extra cost. This advertising can be on our website’s news and blog sections, our social media channels and in our high quality, digital, monthly publication – The GEM Movers’ Magazine!
This advertising is huge for network success. It gives your company fantastic exposure to a wide audience and attracts business from both inside and outside of the network while also showcasing your services. We feel that this unlimited advertising is important as we are aware that it can take a while to get a return on investment. This is the case with any network membership but with unlimited advertising it helps speed this up. Also an important thing to remember is that if you were to take out advertising space in other industry publications it would run to thousands of dollars to be featured in just a couple of editions. Then you would have other competitors in your city to compete with. With GEM membership you are exclusive in both membership and advertising!
Content participation getting yourself known! 
As an exclusive group it is essential to get yourself know from day one. Don’t join and sit back waiting for business to come to you. It is important to introduce your services to the other members and start building relationships from day one. Once again the unlimited advertising helps you with this!
Use the Rewards!
Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) has a good selection of rewards for our members and these are aimed at keeping the group active. As the group grows these rewards will help all GEM Movers! – REWARDS
It is important to remember that we allow only 1 member per-city. Don’t wait and miss out, act now and submit your application for GEM Membership!

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