Associations, networks and exclusivity – it's all very confusing!

With so many associations and networks out there these days in every industry it is important to be selective and choose those that will bring success to you. An important fact to understand is that associations and networks are different.
Associations are large bodies that bring an industry together under one big umbrella. In our industry they are home to removals companies, relocation experts, suppliers and yes, even networks! They are gigantic organizations with no cap on members and have exhibitions that fill massive exhibition centers. These associations are essential for all movers as it gives you a place to meet large numbers of potential partners and helps you see the industry trends. However, it may not be wise to just rely on association membership because you tend to get buried beneath a list of many companies in your city and it can be hard to stand out. So, as associations are necessary it is important to branch out as well and get yourself seen in this competitive industry.
Networks are the answer to this. Networks have been around for a long old time now in almost every industry. The commercial logistics industry for example has so many it is unbelievable. There are 2 types of network out there. Non-Exclusive and Exclusive. A non-exclusive network means that they allow more than 1 member in each location. Some argue that this makes the network competitive and keeps prices and quotes cutting edge and adds variety in choice of movers in each location. I personally disagree as I have seen in other industries that these non-exclusive groups can get very over-populated in certain areas and in the end it becomes a crowded house!
The other type of network is an Exclusive network. An exclusive network allows only 1 member in each location. Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) is an exclusive network. We allow only 1 member per city. OK, maybe I am a little biased on the pros and cons of this type of network as this is what GEM is but I will try to be as unbiased as possible.
First to the pros! In an exclusive group you have complete monopoly of all business generated within the group. You will not have to fight to get noticed and you can use that extra energy to showcase your services and stay on-top of industry changes without having to constantly look at your competitor. In an exclusive group you also develop more personal contacts with other members quicker and with friendship comes business and you start using other GEM network members in preference. There is also a greater level of trust. There are many rogues out there but in an exclusive group the quality is higher as a company feels that they are the ambassador of their city and work hard to maintain a high standard.
There are a few cons to exclusive networks and it is only fair to mention these. The exclusive groups, and this is the same across all industries, tend to grow slower. The reason for this is simple yet somewhat silly. The reason is that companies have this idea that bigger is better. They may like the concept of exclusivity but think to themselves, ‘It is too small right now, I will join when it gets a little bigger.’ However, you must think that as an exclusive group, if you wait too long you will miss out!
We at Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) think that we are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a network membership. We are a young group but also extremely proactive. We offer fantastic rewards to all members. We have the best membership fee structure in the industry and we give all members unlimited free advertising in the GEM Movers Magazine. This is our high quality, monthly, digital publication.
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Written by: Matthew O’Hagan

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