Marketing Movements – The Life Raft Policy

Marketing Movements

The world has changed in the last few months, causing many companies to change how they do business, rethink what is essential, and evaluate what their prime focus should be. Everyone is in crisis mode. What can you do to save your business? How can you preserve the clients you already have? Is growth possible during these uncertain events? You need to have a life raft policy to help you navigate through the rough waters of these unstable times. You also need a strong marketing plan to keep your raft afloat.

The Life Raft Policy has you focus on keeping only the crucial things in the boat that are essential to keep your business functioning smoothly. Throw the things overboard that are sinking the boat. These decisions could extend throughout all departments of your business, but we will only focus on marketing in this article.

The Life Raft Strategy

  1. Pack the Essentials in Your Life Raft. Decide which marketing techniques work in the current market. Which ones give you the best return on your money? Find these and focus on them. Give them the strength they need to succeed and carry you through the travel bans.
  2. Keep It from Sinking. What are your current marketing costs? Find the marketing strategies that are bleeding your business and get them out of your boat! Are you paying a design team to make ads or maintain your social media profile? Look for hidden talent within your business. You may have someone working in admin who would love the challenge of building your social media profile in order to keep your business up and running. Also, be sure to take advantage of the free marketing in the GEM magazine every month. Send in updates or announcements and we will do our best to shine the beacon light on your business.
  3. Rock the Boat. What charitable marketing opportunities can your business participate in? There is so much trouble in the world right now and moving trucks are certainly one cure. Goods need to be moved in every country and volunteering your drivers and trucks can get excellent publicity. People also notice the branded trucks and if they see your logo doing good deeds, it will leave a very positive impression. People will remember to use the company that helped in a time of need. Showing empathy and creativity during this difficult period can help your business survive.
  4. Steer into the Wave. Should You Change the Direction of Your Target Marketing? While a primary focus in the past was moving expats to new work locations, now the focus may be getting their belongings sent back to their home country. I myself know many people who fled their homes abroad to return to the safety of their native country. Now, they can’t or don’t want to return to their homes abroad. This is an opportunity for removal companies! Posting ads or information in the expat groups can help these expats make the decision to use your services to pack up their house. This is just one example of many to take advantage of in this changing removal’s industry climate.

Using these techniques will plug any holes leaking cash and show your potential customers that you have a plan of action and are open for business. Eventually, this storm will pass and using your marketing Life Raft Policy should help keep your business sailing towards a successful future.

Written by: Ashley Duling

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