Marketing Milestones in the Moving Industry!

Celebrating milestones such as your 100th move, your fifth year in business, or office expansions can attract lots of positive attention to your company. These salutes to your success can show customers your experience and reliability without actually saying it. Clients will see these anniversaries as a sign that you are successful and a trustworthy
mover. It’s important to use milestones to keep current customers excited and entice new customers to use your company. We have put together a list of ways to get your successes communicated to your clients.
Post on Social Media – Write on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, be sure to include images to catch people’s attention when looking at the post. Create a commemorative hashtag too. Our GEM Mover – Frontline Relocations recently did this by uploading a video on Facebook celebrating their ten year anniversary. Brag about your achievement, so your customers and coworkers can see how great your company is!
Update Your Website – Display your achievements online! Put a banner on your homepage or add it to the ‘About Us’ section of your website. Potential and returning customers will be sure to see it when considering your company.
Thank Your Customers – Your customers are a part of why you are successful, so you should let them know you appreciate them! We recently saw this when Intermark (Our GEM Mover in Azerbaijan) won the Circle of Excellence Award. They posted a thank you to their customers on Facebook regarding this award. You can take this further with customer appreciation promotions in the name of your achievement. Offer your repeat customers a discount on their next move or maybe a rewards program. For example: To commemorate our 100th move, we want to show our appreciation to you, our customer. Use this promo code to receive 5% off of your next move with us! You can send hand signed thank you cards to show the love to your clients. Example: We never would have achieved this huge accomplishment without your support and trust. Showing your appreciation will mean a lot to your customers and in return, you can gain customer loyalty and reap the benefits from their recommendations to coworkers, friends, or family.
Publish a Press Release – Write about your milestone and the benefits it will bring to your customers. If you are celebrating a ten year anniversary, tell your customers in a press release, so they can see how experienced you are. You can buy space with your local media or send it to us! We would love to celebrate your milestones in the member’s magazine. You can even send this press release as an email to your customers instead or include it in your company newsletter if you have one. Share your big news and let your clients know your future plans for success.
Create a Commemorative Logo – Design a logo incorporating this important milestone. Be sure that anytime, someone sees your logo, they know you have accomplished something big. Brand your moving team with your milestones. Have uniforms with your triumph printed on the back. When they are working in the field, people will see this great advertisement and your current customers will appreciate you more. Bragging through your branding is a great way for everyone (employees, customers, and you) to feel proud of being part of something great!
Sponsor a Charity or a Popular Event –  What better way to celebrate a goal you achieved than by helping others achieve their goals? Try to pick a goal that ties in with the moving industry, maybe one that builds homes for the needy or collects secondhand goods for families. Fun runs are also a great way to spread the word, donate to a good cause and keep company morale high. Give any employees that participate, branded T-shirts with your commemorative logo and accomplishment in plain view. Joining with a charity helps you spread the word with less work. It also shows potential and current customers that you care about the people in your community and want to celebrate your milestones in a positive way.
Marketing your milestones is a necessity in this industry. It is an innovative and exciting way to show your customers that you are a dependable and professional mover. It instills pride in your entire team and creates unity within the company.
Celebrate your milestones, but don’t forget to use them as an important marketing mechanism.
Written by: Matthew O’Hagan
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