Marketing Matters – Marketing Your Successes!

In previous editions of the GEM Movers’ Magazine we have laid out a number of methods of achieving marketing perfection. Our aim when giving marketing advice has always been to make it easy to implement and cost effective to carry out. No idea we have put forward is a new marketing tool but all are essential in the moving industry. However, there is something that moving companies seem to fail to continue when it comes to marketing and that is marketing their success!
Marketing your success or your achievements is crucial in building confidence in your business. It also creates a great first impression for any potential customer that stumbles across one of your marketing success campaigns when they are looking for a mover. But, what successes and achievements can you, as movers market? It is easy, with every move comes a success and all you have to do is tell someone about it!
The first, is testimonials from satisfied customers. In last month’s edition we talked about the harm a bad review can do and how you must act fast to answer any bad reviews. The same is true, acting fast that is, about a good review. It amazes me to see when looking at companies, in any industry, that good reviews are just left to sit on a Google review page without being mentioned anywhere on their social media or website. This is a waste of a fantastic marketing opportunity. Maybe after each move encourage happy customers to leave a review about the job you did. This can be featured on your website and shared on all social media channels that you use. Just remember that when you do this to maintain your brand consistency and brand recognition.
Next, comes celebrating your milestones and letting others know that your company is moving forward. No matter what your milestones are, be sure to inform your marketing team to announce them whatever they may, when they happen. We will be talking about Milestones more in issue 11 with will be out at the end of June!
Celebrating your employees’ successes is another great marketing opportunity as this brings value to your team and credibility to your company. Just as we at GEM love to celebrate and announce successes achieved by our members it is also a great opportunity for you to do this with your employees. Be it a new safety course or packing seminar one of your employees has achieved or attended, it is worth a mention as it brings positive attention back to you as a company and gets your name out there. These successes in your workforce reflect positively on your company and encourages people to use your moving services over those of your competitors.
Another great marketing your successes topic is letting people know about your moves. Everyone within our industry or outside of gets immediately engaged when they read about an interesting move. This is a great way to show your prowess as a mover. Use it! It works!
In life, it is true, nobody likes a bragger. It gives of a sense of arrogance and an inflated ego. However, this is not the same for business. You want to showcase your services and show you are proud of your team. You want to stand out from your rivals and show that your moving service is seamless from door-to-door. As an individual this can get you shunned but as a business it gets you inundated with inquiries and interest in your services.
As with everything there is no point doing it if you don’t do it correctly. You do not want people looking at your ‘Marketing Your Successes’ implementation and feeling confused. You have to remember the below:
Brand Consistency – Brand Recognition – Brand Identity – Brand Maintenance
Then from there implement your successes by using any of the marketing tools that we have talked about in previous editions.
Marketing your successes gets you one step closer to marketing perfection! Please remember to use this publication, The GEM Movers’ Magazine as an outlet for your marketing campaigns. This publication is free to be included in for all GEM Movers. Maybe it is about time for you to take you marketing to the next level and become a GEM Mover!
Written by: Matthew O’Hagan

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