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As international movers it is essential to ‘move with the times’ and keep up with the changes of the world. As spoken about in previous issues, marketing your company is a key to success in today’s high tech world of digital advertising and social media presences. In this issue we want to touch on another branch of marketing that will help you get ahead of your competitors and enable you to attract new customers whilst also helping to maintain your brand.
In previous ‘Moving Matters’ columns we have spoken about SEO presence, brand awareness, brand maintenance, brand consistency, brand recognition and Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Today we are going to touch on another concept from the marketing world that will enable you to encompass all of the previously talked about concepts in one method!
Content Marketing is when a company creates and shares online material such as blog posts, photos, videos and news stories. The platforms used to share these things can be on your website, on a specific blog page, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Content Marketing is used to stimulate interest in the products or services that you offer. This is an amazing marketing tool for international movers and one that is not used often enough.
Okay so where do you start? It is easy, start simple with any photos of moves that you have just carried out. Include some pictures of your packing team, warehouse and vans. Then add these photos to the news section of your website and add a brief description of the move. Add some hashtags and post it. Then don’t stop there! Go to any social media sites that you use and post the same article. Add the link to your website and the link to the news page where you originally posted it. Put the hashtags and SHARE! Easy as that! By doing this you are creating back links to you website and increasing your SEO score.
But, beware! You need to take heed of advice given in previous articles regarding brand recognition, brand consistency and USP. Make sure that each post follows a clear pattern that keeps to your brand.
Marketing is of paramount importance so follow this and previous articles in other issues advice and work on building your marketing presence. If done correctly it is extremely effective and on the whole low cost. Use the GEM Movers’ Magazine too as it is a free tool for all GEM Movers’. Follow this advice and be a dedicated GEM Mover as we are: Exclusively Stronger Together!
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Written by: Matthew O’Hagan

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