Knopf International has an established reputation for providing first-class moving services. Their modern facilities are among the best in the world. Through these centres, they manage hundreds of relocations per year for corporate executives and diplomats of the world’s leading commercial and governmental organizations. Knopf has the knowledge and experience to handle relocations to and from any location globally- even to the world’s most remote regions.

Confidence in the ability of the mover to make the arrangements by planning effectively, keeping deadlines and providing answers to the never ending stream of questions that naturally occur when relocating internationally.

Knopf International will provide that confidence. they will assess the consignment accurately, make decisions about the safest ways of packing and advise on the most appropriate routing to match your required delivery times.

Even more importantly, they have access to detailed information regarding moving into any country and can provide specific and helpful advice to make your move easy.

Knopf International are experts in the safe handling of furniture, antiques and works of art, as well as the day-to-day items that all homes treasure. They only use the finest quality materials to ensure the safety of the belongings in their care. Knopf International takes responsibility to their customers seriously, and do all they can to take the stress out of your move.

Their climate controlled and dehumidified storage facility in Charleston, SC was completed in late 1999 and provides 1,500 sqm/15,000 sqft of covered warehouse space on a 2-acre site. It can accommodate over 400 standard storage containers. The entire site is protected by 24 hour security with closed circuit video cameras, fire and smoke protection.

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