Jordanian Coast Cargo Services was established in July 27, 2000. Jordanian Coast Cargo Services are proud to say that in a span of a year, their company was already one of the leading moving companies in Jordan offering services such as door to door removals with professional packing to worldwide destinations, warehousing, transfer of diplomatic car ownership, transportation, clearance and delivery of diplomatic household goods, general cargo and vehicles for UN Agencies in Amman in addition to many major Embassies, Consulates, USAID Projects, and NGOs in Jordan.

• Jordanian Coast Cargo Services currently has 27 staff members in their company who are extremely professionals and have expertise in local customs formalities. They have their own packing crews, clearing staff, trucks, and delivery crews assuring that the goods entrusted in their care are in good hands. They have the proficiency and equipment to move everything from household items to general cargo, pharmaceuticals, and more. Their company has decades of professional relocation service experience, a dedicated hands-on staff and a time-tested tradition of exceptional customer service.

• Jordanian Coast Cargo Services’ secured state of the art, fully insured warehousing facilities can accommodate short term and long-term storage. They have superior operating procedures in place to ensure safe and secure storage of the goods entrusted in their care. Their warehouses are equipped with 24-hour camera systems that they use to monitor your goods day and night to make sure the work is done properly and for training purposes as well, armed guards, and K9 units, are also in place. Their fire and security alarms have direct connections to the Public Security and Civil Défense. They have all the essential equipment to handle goods such as electric stackers, manual jacks and a 2.5-ton forklift.

• They have contracted the best pest control company in Jordan that handles the Royal Court and all 5 Star hotels and restaurants. They take the cleanliness and the sanitary conditions, VERY seriously. Pest controls within their company premises, warehouse facilities and administration offices are done routinely making the warehouse clean, sanitized environment to house goods entrusted in their care.

• There is also implementation of warehouse in/out information systems to ensure that all goods entering the warehouse storage are recorded and goods taken out are documented by a signed Delivery Note and direct emails are sent to their valued clients.

  • Origin & Destination Services
  • Shipping & Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Garments Industry in Jordan
  • Freight to Iraq
  • Pet Relocation Service
  • Artwork
  • UN Agency Refugee Relief Goods




Operations Manager [email protected]

MR. YOUSEF MURSHED [email protected] - Export Manager MRS. KRISTINE ALVAR [email protected] - Import Manager



Main Office

350 Air Cargo Road, Qastal, Amman - Jordan
+962 6 47 11 118