How to approach Exclusive membership?-Be Smart, Be Exclusive!

Membership to an exclusive network is a little different from being a member of a non-exclusive network. People join an exclusive network because they want to be the only member in their area but there are many more reasons why Exclusive membership is the way forward!
In an Exclusive Network it is essential that you enter into it with the right frame of mind. As an exclusive member you have a chance to secure all business in your area within the network, but there are a few things that you need to do to achieve success. We have talked about this before but follow these steps from day 1 and you will be to achieve this.

  1. Communication – There is no point in joining any network if you are going to disappear and hope business will come to you. You must firstly communicate with other members from the 1st day. You need to introduce your services and start building the relationship. Secondly, it is important to communicate with the Network management.
  2. Be sure to Market yourself so we can market you! – In GEM we offer free unlimited media exposure. We are happy to include any news story you have in our Network Magazine and share it on social media to give you as much industry exposure as possible. This gets you know within our group!
  3. Attend our event in 2019. This is very important because as we are an exclusive group if you don’t attend there will be no representation from your city at the event so any member who was wanting to meet with you might well go and use a previous contact from outside of our group.

A member said recently, ‘The best way to face challenges in the future is by networking to leverage the strength of the group versus trying to cope with the winds of change as an individual company.’ These word are so true especially for an exclusive group like ours. Together we can build long lasting mutual business and work closely together to generate new business and guide the group to become the world’s greatest Removal dedicated network.
Being an exclusive member gives you the chance to secure regular business and shine in your location rather than being lost in a directory of companies from the same location like other non-exclusive groups.
Be smart and be exclusive! Join Global Exclusive Movers Network today – Apply here

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