Panama Moving Solutions – Opening a new office in Chiriqui Province!


GEM Member – Panama Moving Solutions are happy to announce the that they will be opening a new office in Chiriquí Province. We sat down with the CEO of Panama Moving Solutions – Mr Jose Laws – and found out some more about this exciting news!

1) Hi Jose, can you tell us where your new office is located? Will be located in the City of David, Province of Chiriquí, Republic of Panama, approximately 445 kms from Panama City.  

2) Why have you chosen to open an office there? Chiriqui is the second most developed province in Panama, after the Panama Province and its capital is the City of David. Chiriqui has become one of the most visited destinations in Panama and this has resulted in the growth of the Economy in this province. Beside this, Chiriqui is one of the favorite destinations for many expats which over the years has contributed to the growth and establishment of many expat communities.

3) What will your target customer base be in Chiriqui? At the moment all expats moving to/from Chiriqui. We would as well offer pet relocation, migratory services through our lawyer firm, logistics services locally as for example cargo movement and our new service “online shopping”.

4) If an expat in Chiriqui is reading this, what makes you the number 1 choice as a moving company? We have more than 15 years of experience in the moving industry and internationally certified which will guarantee our clients the best service possible with the highest quality standards. We have done already a lot of moves to/from Chiriqui so, having presence there, we can be more closer to our clients and analyze well their moving needs, providing them a more personalized service at a competitive cost.

5) Can you tell us about in Chiriqui? Chiriqui is a province of Panama located on the western coast; it is the second most developed province in the country, after the Panama Province. Its capital is the city of David. The province features a variety of climates, from hot and humid lowlands to the cool and Moist highlands. Also it has many cities preferred by expats to retire as for example, Boquete, Volcan and Cerro Punta, Gulf of Chiriqui, Puerto Armuelles, Barqueta Beach among others.

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