New Member Announcement – Montevideo, Uruguay

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) is happy to welcome Empresa Dante as our new and exclusive member in Montevideo, Uruguay.

If we are talking about a company that is deeply linked to the Uruguayan family, we need to mention Dante. For the past 64 years, Dante’s moving trucks and storage facility have witnessed both local and international moves of thousands of families that have been traditionally using the company’s services from one generation to another. On September 23, 1923, Mr. Carlos Regueira, a Spaniard married to Juan Luis Mauro’s mother, founded the company. Together with their two children Carlos and Roberto, they made it thrive and today, four generations later, Diego and Lucas continue doing so.

Dante offers local and international removals including customs procedures and clearance. Additionally, they have a 3,000 square meter warehouse in downtown Montevideo with a double entrance through two different streets.
They carry out packaging of works of art and delicate crockery, movements of safes, vehicles and pet relocations.

Dante also offers local and international artworks transport services. The service is customized according to their client’s needs and different techniques are used depending on the item.

Dante has been in the business for almost 100 years. They have provided their services to big companies and government agencies.

The process is carefully planned so as to maximize time and produce and ensure as little impact as possible on the regular working of the company.

Welcome to Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM)

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