New Member Announcement: Concorde Worldwide Movers – Haiti – joins GEM!

heather Suggitt

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) is happy to welcome our newest member to the group. Concorde Worldwide Movers are now our exclusive member in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

Concorde is a company with a well- founded reputation and excellence in the international moving industry. In Haiti, they are your only guarantee! CONCORDE is a modern, high-performance international moving company. Its ambition is to breathe new life into the profession, here in Haiti, and therefore to guarantee you a more efficient, faster, safer and always competitive service.

In Haiti, CONCORDE, has the only guaranteed team of specialists recruited and trained with the greatest care. It’s cutting-edge equipment and techniques enables CONCORDE to provides first-class services and also, the facilities of CONCORDE present all the security guarantees needed by their customers.

A successful move requires proper and efficient packing. This is why Concorde offers to carry out your packing with a team trained and experienced in the best packing techniques. From choosing the best boxes to tips for use and packaging, the CONCORDE team is there for you.

For shipments of your movable goods abroad, CONCORDE offers two options for getting your goods to their destination: Sea freight and Air freight.

CONCORDE knows its customers have an increasingly rapid pace of life and are often busy, so their door to door service is here to help save your time and energy. When you place an order on their platform, they will offer you the best prices for delivery services. Concorde offers a wide range of door to door delivery services that are designed for everyone. They take care of your packages from their point of departure to their destination, without your travel.

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