Moving Matters – Clarification and setting expectations for the customer

Moving Matters

Expectations are a difficult topic to talk about because they differ from person to person and this is what makes customer satisfaction so hard. It is important to streamline expectations and be clear from the get-go what your customer will receive during the moving process. Every customer will have their own preconceived expectations of how the moving process should go. However, these preconceived expectations are not always achievable and what you must do is act early to tell your customers what they can expect from your service! By doing this you are setting the parameters of satisfaction and avoiding trouble later on.


By clarifying what your customer will receive and what isn’t included is essential. This should be done early and ticks the boxes of great communication, clarity through explaining moving jargon and a high level of professionalism! These three are key early factors for customer satisfaction.

There are so many things that can cause frustration for your customer early on and thus effect their overall satisfaction levels before the move has even started. By identifying these and getting your team to iron them out is of paramount importance. By clear communication and jargon break down this is easily achieved. A great way to do this is by producing a simple info-graphic flow chart explaining what is and isn’t included.

Customers tend to think that everything will be included in the estimate. Be clear on what is and what isn’t, and it will save a lot of headaches!


In today’s world people are very impatient, we are all guilty of this. This negative characteristic needs to be targeted early too in the aim for customer satisfaction. It is a great idea to lay out each part of the moving jigsaw so that each customer knows what will happen and when. This helps the customer follow each step of the moving process, informs and educates! Customers do have an understanding of what is involved in the moving process and when things should be happening. However, their expectations of how long each piece of the moving puzzle takes are often wrong. By giving them a clear timeline, it will save endless phone calls asking for updates and will increase customer satisfaction greatly.

Customer satisfaction is an aim for us all no matter what business we are involved in. Customer satisfaction leads to fantastic reviews and referrals and over time added growth to your company. It is not always easy to achieve but with hard work and by getting your whole team involved it is possible. By clarification and setting the expectations for your customers it helps you achieve the hallowed prize of complete customer satisfaction most of the time!

Written by Matthew O’Hagan

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