T & T Services Italia srl is based in Rome, in SHAPE (Belgium) and in the NATO-HQ, Brussels (Belgium) and operates in the field of national and international moving and related services.

During 26 years of activity they have served with brilliant success, various public and private organizations especially the officers and NCOs of all FF . AA. They are suppliers of goods and services of the General Staff and the Army General Command of the Carabinieri.

The gained experience of their staff in the field of international removals puts them in a position to assist their clients in every phase of that delicate and difficult move when being transferred to and from foreign countries. Indeed, the T & T Services Italia srl employs its own staff abroad, where possible and has many branches, among which are SHAPE Mons (Belgium), and that at the NATO-HQ in Brussels (Belgium).

Located in hot spots, their offices allow them to offer an excellent service with premium materials and skilled labour. A selected and experienced network of agents and carriers around the world allow them to ensure movement of goods without any damage or loss.

And more than this, one of their employees will always be able to offer assistance and  will always be available for any need.

They aim to offer maximum competitiveness, competence, professionalism and above all excellent quality of services.

T & T Services Int. l specialises in removals for the military, diplomats and staff from major international organizations, including:

diplomats and employees of the MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

officers and non-commissioned officers of the armed forces

NATO staff

members and directors of the various NATO agencies (NETMA – NAPMA – NAHEMA – NAMISDMA etc.)

staff from the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament

members of the European School.


Severini Tuni

Emanuela Tuni

T&T Services Intl - Brussels


Main Office

Loc.tà Piombinara , lotto n.1, 00034, Colleferro, Rome
+39 06 9770 389