Founded by experienced professionals in the International Moving Industry, Move + wants to simplify, modernize and mainly reduce costs of moving.

MOVE + delivers new moves safely, with highest quality and new technology in the market and with the best budget.

MOVE+ wants to make you and your family feel happy and comfortable during your residential move from neighborhood, city, state or country.

MOVE+ is a family owned and operated business. With international coordination and more than 15 years of experience, we know exactly what to do in each process to ensure tranquility to the customer from start to finish, providing support from the packaging to the documentation and bureaucratic part of customs clearance with the port authorities, up to the final destination.

We transport your goods from “anywhere to anywhere” with a door to door service through our partners around the world. Our goal always is to make our customers feel satisfied and calm. We have an experienced and open team who can be contacted at any time, in order to ensure that everything continues to go well until the final destination.

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Sheila Russo

Move Plus

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