JMS-Move carries out removals and offers a full “door to door” all included service so they can optimally support you in your move.

Moving abroad is an important and delicate step during which every detail must be taken into account. They  will take care of your goods for installation in your new residence. They use packaging that meets the requirements and needs for moving abroad. Their triple corrugated cardboard boxes are suitable for each object (tableware, lamps, lampshades, wardrobes, etc.). To protect your furniture, they use blankets specific to sea or air removals. Paintings, pianos, marbles or other fragile objects are boxed in wooden boxes made to measure in specialized carpentry workshops.

  • *Air transport is the ideal solution for small shipments. The goods are picked up from your home in a door-to-door service, then packaged for air transport before shipment. JMS-MOVE also manages customs formalities, both on departure and on arrival. This is why this solution allows you to have access to your luggage and small items of furniture within a very short time after moving abroad (high budget).
    * Transport by boat is suitable for large removals abroad. You can therefore transport all of your furniture regardless of the distance traveled. Suitable for large volumes and vehicle transport, this solution is particularly suitable for long-term expatriations. Depending on the volume moved, the maritime export packaging of your personal effects and your furniture may require 1 to 3 days of preparation before loading. Once the container has been loaded, this formula allows good control of the deadlines for moving abroad (weekly departures – average budget).
    * Road transport is offered for cases where you have to move abroad, particularly to European countries. This solution offers access to all the services offered by JMS-MOVE. This method of moving abroad is used for all sizes and offers a short time to arrive in your new home. This is why it allows the removal of large objects such as smaller items (average budget).

JMS Move carry out the removal of works of art as well as your most precious objects with the greatest care. This is why we provide you with professionals who can move your works of art. This with the utmost importance to their safety and protection.

The international move of your employee represents an important and delicate step during which the smallest detail must be taken into account. To help you support your employee in their transfer, JMS-MOVE offers you full management of their move.


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