At Infinity Pack & Ship they understand the demands that domestic and international shipping puts on your packaged household goods and products. Infinity Pack & Ship helps you safeguard against potential problems when designing your packaging and make sure its protected. If you need it, they’ll assist with packaging requirements and make sure that your products are adequately sealed and properly braced with the weight evenly distributed.

Moving your home is stressful enough under most circumstances, moving abroad is an overwhelming task, which is why Infinity Pack & Ship pride themselves on offering a first class service that can reduce the stress of moving, and put your mind at ease.

  • Import/Export Cars and any kind of vehicle.
  • Storage for Long/Short period in closed Warehouse.
  • International Moves
  • Experienced with assisting Diplomats and Consulates staff moving from/to ISRAEL.
  • Specialist packing for delicate items (i.e.: Piano, T.V. etc.).
  • Ole Hadash / Aliya – full guidance of rights and paper work handling.
  • Fine art


Ronen Harel

We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere!


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101 Derech Hebron Beit Hanatziv, Building A Jerusalem 9348001