Launching soon – GEM Member Reward Program

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) is happy to announce the launch of our members’ reward scheme. This scheme is designed to reward our members for being active within our group. It will help grow the group and ensure that the networks is active and beneficial to all members.
The scheme has 2 ways for members to be rewarded:

  1. GEM Introduction bonus – If a GEM Member successfully introduces a company into the group they will receive a 200 USD discount on their 2nd year membership (2 introductions per year cap). This 200 USD will be deducted from their 2nd year membership invoice once the company that they introduce has been successfully approved.
  2. GEM activity bonus – If a GEM Member uses another GEM member for a move they will have 2 USD discounted from their renewal invoice per shipment. Over the year these 2 dollars add up and will provide a great saving for you while also helping to make GEM a world-class network!

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