Global Exclusive Movers' Network is starting to grow QUICKLY!

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network has shown fast growth since our launch on June 1st. Since then we have added members in the following locations;
Paris – Lyon – New Delhi – Mumbai – Kolkata – Chennai – Kuwait City – Abuja
This is amazing growth and just shows how interested international removal companies are in GEM membership. We take great care about who joins our exclusive group as we are strictly 1 member per city (1 per country in some case). Our ethos is quality not quantity. We want the best medium sized international removal experts in each location.
All members must pass our strict application process before membership is approved. If you want to be a part of our group please complete our ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.
Networking is a very important thing and you must choose your network carefully. Global Exclusive Movers’ Network is the only exclusive network dedicated to international removals. If you join us at GEM you will be the only member in your location! You won’t have this with any other group that you join. Our membership fees are also the most competitive offering you a special 1st year price so that it makes it easy for you make a return on your investment.
With the World Cup going on right now it is easy to compare networking with football. In football you need to work as a team and have trust in your team mates. It is the same with being in a network! You need to build relationships with fellow members quickly and work with them to build a strong group with mutual business for all. Goal! Enjoy the football and apply for membership today!

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