Global Exclusive Movers' Network (GEM)

I hope that you had a nice weekend. Since our launch many companies have approached us interested in becoming a member of Global Exclusive Movers’ Network. We have realized after years of running logistics groups that networks are a crucial factor in developing international business. However, many networks have no cap on the amount of members they allow in each location. These networks become overcrowded and impossible to form lasting relationships. We aim to build a strict 1 member per city (1 member per country in some cases) network. This allows our members to build long lasting trusted partnerships whilst also having monopoly of all business in their area.
As an exclusive specialist network it is crucial that all members are committed to long term membership. Exclusivity and specialization mean that Global Exclusive Movers’ Network are only after members who want to develop their international business within this group so that we can all grow together.
What are your thoughts on becoming our Exclusive member?
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