GEM Movers’ Magazine – Issue 18

Issue 18 GEM

Hello and welcome to another edition of The GEM Movers’ Magazine. In this issue we are going to be talking about pricing and estimates in the moving industry. Most customers in the moving industry are completely overwhelmed and confused by the pricing breakdown and charges involved in a move. It is important for moving companies to make this as clear and transparent as possible both pre-move, during and after. With a clear pricing and estimating process it helps your company build your customers’ confidence in your services.

Also, in this edition we as always feature a city. This month that city will be Rome. What a beautiful city that is!

As the year is well and truly under way, it is a great time to join our exclusive group of trusted members. Since our inception we have grown steadily and produced 18 editions on The GEM Movers’ Magazine. This monthly magazine gives our members a free portal to showcase their moving services and to get exposure to a wide reading audience from across the globe.

Issue 18
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