GEM Movers Magazine – Issue 16 – Checklists

Issue 16 GEM

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) is happy to present the latest edition of the GEM Movers’ Magazine! In this edition we talk about the importance of checklists in the moving industry. It is important to have checklists established for your packing and moving team, your drivers and warehouse employees as well as your sales and marketing staff. Checklists ensure that important steps in the moving business are not missed and that corners are not cut.
Checklists are also important for your clients who are preparing for their move. By providing your customers with a comprehensive checklist of what they should do pre-move and what they should expect during the move helps them greatly!
We hope that you enjoy this edition. This is the last edition of 2019, the GEM Movers’ Magazine will be back in January 2020.

Issue 16

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