GEM Membership Pricing Structure and why it makes sense!


Although the year is well and truly under way and moving companies across the globe were getting down to business but were then forced into a slowdown due to the covid-19 outbreak, it is a great opportunity to talk about our membership fee pricing structure. It is a perfect time to see how membership to GEM is great value for money and how by joining now it can help you have a network of trusted moving professionals around you for when business resumes as normal!

We have been in the ‘Networking’ business for a long time and know that return on investment with network membership can take a year or so to achieve so when we designed GEM, we had this in mind. Networking can take time as a group grows and business partnerships form. It doesn’t happen overnight and commitment is important as you will be rewarded with perseverance.

When we designed our membership fee structure, we did a number of things to help our members. Firstly, we gave all members a special 1st year price of 595 USD. This makes it easy to make a quicker ROI and also is a fantastic price considering you get free monthly advertising included throughout your membership (but more on that later!). We also made sure that the membership fee for following years will be also under the dreaded 1,000 bucks mark. Our renewal fee is 995 USD per renewal year, which is a bargain considering each member has complete exclusivity in their city within our group.

Nobody likes to pay money for nothing in return. We wanted our network concept to be different and unique. That is why we offer a number of additional services to help our members achieve value for money and a successful and long membership.

Free advertising in the GEM Movers’ Magazine is a huge incentive and a great service for our members. This magazine’s reading audience is growing every month and it is being read by moving companies globally, international school staff, embassy staff and expat communities in cities where we have members. This is a fantastic group of potential partners and customers and gives outstanding exposure for all GEM Movers.

Each month in The GEM Movers’ Magazine we also look at interesting and fresh marketing techniques and ideas that can be easily implemented and used within the moving industry. This helps our members get a head start and advantage over their competitors. These marketing ideas are always industry related and cheap to implement.

Another huge value for money factor that comes with membership to GEM is complete exclusivity in your city. As a GEM Member you won’t be paying to be a name on a list of many moving companies in your city. You will be the only member in your city.

I think that from this article you can see the fantastic value that comes with GEM membership. If you are interested in joining our trusted group of expert movers then why wait around? Join us today!

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