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In previous blog posts we have talked a lot about the importance of marketing. It is not just important it is crucial in staying ahead of your competitors and is a vital tool for gaining new business in the ever so competitive industry of international moving. The other marketing tools we have talked about in previous posts have all been easy to do once explained.
What marketing tool can get us noticed?
Video marketing is a new and arguably the most effective marketing tool right now. It is easy to say that you will leave it to someone else, especially as the first thought that comes into mind when you hear video marketing is TV Commercials. However, we are not talking about that, we are pulling it back to the basics. Video marketing doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on hiring a production team to produce a video. It can be something any moving company can and should do in house.
What does video marketing bring to the table?
Video marketing firstly informs customers and partners about your services and also educates about our industry. If you produce a simple video that covers these two angles, it is going to be shared! Once it has been shared you are on your way to marketing success.
Are there examples of it being successful?
Recently, on a slow day in the office I was browsing Linkedin and I ran across a post from a moving company in Japan who shall remain nameless. However, their post was video marketing genius! It encapsulated Japanese culture of efficiency and respect. The video was simply made but showed the movers smartly dressed performing their packing and moving duties cleanly, politely and efficiently. It was not a flashy video but it showed the care and precision the movers took in their job. If I needed a mover I would call them after watching that. Thus it worked!
Can any medium sized mover do this?
Video marketing can seem daunting at first. There are also many questions that you need to tackle before undertaking this. One of those will be who do you want to film it. I recently read a very interesting article that tackled this very question. Firstly, a video can be made from still photographs edited to make a moving sequence. There are many video producing apps out there that can help you with this. Between the photograph sequences place text visuals explaining the move and educating the viewer about our industry while also showcasing your services and skills. This method can be done completely ‘in house’ and I am sure your marketing teams already have the skills for this.
Another method to achieve video marketing success is by bringing in the professionals. There are many companies out there that specialize in video marketing. These companies have the skills and knowledge to make a video that will look professional and will be informing to all who watch it. These companies will also follow your branding keeping brand consistency throughout the video.
Also, in reality we all have smart phones. Make use of them! Be it still photographs of a move or a short video of your packing team. These can all be easily edited and made into a video to be shared. Video marketing can be done on all levels and is extremely effective! Videos can be easily added to your news page of your website. You can also start a Youtube channel and by doing this you will gain viewers and also increase your SEO presence at the same time. Video marketing – Give it a try. We have!
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