Featured City – Male, The Maldives

Male is the capital of the Republic of Maldives. A group of 26 atolls make up the republic with Male or King’s Island as it is also known being the centre of all activity and boasting the highest population of over 425,000 inhabitants. Due to its location The Maldives has excellent relations both economically and culturally with both Asian and African nations.
The economy of the Maldives was exclusively focused on fishing with a big emphasis on a shellfish/sea snail known as cowry shells. This was an early monetary currency in Africa. Nowadays the main catch is Skipjack and Yellow fin tuna. The importance of fishing for Maldivians doesn’t stop at it being vital for the economy. Fishing is also an integral part of life on the islands. Fishing has also been spun to encompass a new industry within its net, that industry being fishing tourism. Tourists are traveling from far afield to try to catch some of the finest fish in the world.
The dependence on fishing as the main influencer to the economy has become a thing of the past. Although the fishing industry is huge, the government has successfully carried out economic reform that has opened the door to new industries and sectors. One of those which is huge is the tourism industry. Tourism has boomed since the 1980’s and has become a massive employer with both direct and indirect employments coming from the rise in tourism. Since the start of the tourist industry taking foot in the Maldives it has grown to be the biggest contributor to the Republics GDP.
Some very open and forward-thinking decisions have really helped to encourage tourism. Aside from the beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters that encompass these paradise islands, the government were smart to allow a visa free entry to any tourist upon arrival regardless of their country of origin, providing that they have an onward ticket for departure and sufficient funds for their holiday.
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