Exclusive Meetings and the Benefits that come with them!

At Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) we are proud of our exclusive one member per city membership rules. This has meant that our members stand out from the crowd and can market their services without competition. It has also meant that the quality of the group has not been compromised and member to member relationships have built quickly. However, this also means that our events will never attract thousands, and we are glad about that! Exclusive networking events are actually often considered to be better or more advantageous than larger impersonal events.

One reason why this is the increased quality of connections you tend to find at these events. Exclusive events tend to attract individuals who are genuinely interested in making meaningful connections. Attendees are more likely to engage in deeper conversations and build more authentic relationships and you are not just another business card that get placed in a huge pile in someone’s pocket or just a handshake that gets forgotten!

Some people are also anxious attending large scale events and smaller exclusive events are far less Intimidating. Exclusive events can be less overwhelming, especially for people who are introverted or new to networking. It’s easier to approach and strike up conversations with a few people compared to a large crowd.

The GEM event compared to many industry giant’s events also offers better opportunities for One-on-One Interaction. In exclusive settings, you have a better chance of having one-on-one conversations with key individuals who can provide valuable insights or opportunities. This can be difficult to achieve in larger gatherings. With our professionally organised one-on-one meetings you get to book meetings with the partners that you want to meet making your event much more fruitful.

Exclusive events often have a more specific and focused agenda, which means that the content and discussions are likely to be more relevant to your interests and goals. The exclusivity factor is huge at the GEM event as you will not have competition in your location and can spend time focusing on the partners you want to meet with and on getting to know them and their company.

Higher Visibility is something that every moving company wants, and you certainly get this at the GEM event. In an exclusive event, you’re more likely to be noticed by speakers, organizers, or other influential attendees, which can lead to more opportunities for collaboration and business development. This is bolstered even further as all attendees get exposure in the GEM Movers’ Magazine!

A huge problem with attending large industry exhibitions and events is keeping on top of the all-important follow ups. So often I have attended an exhibition and handed out or received a business card but then after the event is over, I struggle to remember anything about the brief meeting. Then also I receive emails with a generic follow-up which lacks the personal touch. At the GEM meeting this year in Toronto you will get to know all attendees well and plant the seed for a flowering mutually beneficial business partnership with the other attendees!

Building trust is a critical component of networking. Exclusive events like ours foster an environment where trust can be built more naturally throughout the event and beyond.

Of course, our bank balance would love to see hundreds or even thousands of attendees walk through our event doors but, GEM isn’t that kind of network! We want our attendees to feel like a family and we want their event to be quality and personalised from start to finish! See you in Toronto!

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