Customer Corner – Tips on making your move greener!


Each month we are producing a special article focused at out of industry readers. Many readers from outside of the moving industry read The GEM Movers’ Magazine each month as it is an interesting portal to learn moving tips and to find trusted moving companies for any up-coming moves that they might have. In our monthly ‘Customer Corner’ article we are going to help potential moving customers with useful hacks and tips for their move. In this article we are going to look at how to make you move more eco-friendly. This is well worth a read for anyone looking to move.

A top tip is packing materials. The key is to cut down on non-recyclable/reusable plastic packing materials and instead use other recyclable materials and other innovative packing methods to keep your move green.

Firstly, the best thing to do is contact the moving company that you are using for your move and ask them for boxes for packing. Most moving companies nowadays will supply your boxes (if you are packing yourself) and then take them back post move to be used again with another customer. Many moving companies are now using stackable plastic packing boxes that last years!

A top tip if you are packing for yourself is if you find an empty space then use it! A good example is a washing machine. Inside the washing machine there is a large amount of space. Instead of using extra boxes, that you will throw away after, to pack towels, linens and clothes. A great packing hack is to use the washing machine drum as a great packing space for them instead!

Another great hack is with drinking glasses. Usually a person would cocoon them in plastic bubble wrap and when unpacked this bubble wrap would be thrown away. There are other things in your kitchen that can be used to pack these glasses. Tea-towels and dinner napkins are a great substitute as they have to be packed too so why not use them as a green alternative to bubble-wrap!

With every move comes the need for cleaning. Be it cleaning the old house when you leave or the new house before you move in cleaning is a must. Although bleach and other cleaning agents work well, they are extremely bad for the environment as they always end up in the water system. Think about the amount of bleach and detergents that end up in our rivers and oceans and it is a worrying thought. Cleaning is important though and luckily there are many great ways to have a comprehensive clean without damaging the environment. Popular products that are environmentally safe alternatives include using baking soda and vinegar mixed equally with water. Both of these are safe and will also save you money compared with chemical agents.

It is important that we all do a little to help lead greener lives and these tips are sure to leave a green footprint before, during and after your move!

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