Covid-19 Announcements (On-going up-dates)

Covid 19 Map

GEM Member in Indonesia – PT Kellys Express

We at Kellys Express aware with the current situation about Corona Virus / COVID-19 Pandemic however we also understand you still need to move to a better place for you and your family without any delay, Therefore we ensure all our Surveyors or Moving Teams are equipped with masks and hand sanitazers during the job process, We will also ensure our trucks will be washed before and after jobs.

GEM Member in Turkey – DTN International Movers

All of our crew and office staff are equipped. Customs are operating as normal but there may come restrictions with HHGS.

GEM Member in Ireland – J Hanway Removals and Storage

”Everything as normal for the moment here in Ireland. All crews and trucks are equipped with gloves, masks and disinfectants.” Joey Hanway

GEM Member – A1 Global Logistics – Philippines

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Russia – Announcement

Due to the on-going global health emergency there is new restrictions imposed by the Russian Government. Entry of foreign citizens into the Russian Federation will be restricted from 18 March, until 1 May 2020. There are some exceptions to this declaration. These exceptions include foreign embassy and diplomatic staff, Transit passengers and Foreigners holding permanent resident permits.


Taiwan has been applauded internationally for its efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19 as it has kept its numbers of the virus relatively low compared to other countries in the region. However, there has been a spike of cases of Taiwanese citizens and foreign citizens contracting the virus overseas and bringing it back to the island. In response to this Taiwan, like Russia, will be banning the entry of foreign citizens into the island from March 18th. Exceptions will be made for Alien Residency Card holders and diplomatic personnel. Returning citizens and residency holders will be asked to self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

Sayfon Logistics – Vientiane, Lao

Our member in Vientiane, Lao wants to inform everyone that they are still operating import and export services in Laos during this Covid-19 crisis. Schools in the city are closed and gatherings are restricted but business as usual for Sayfon Logistics!

France – Activ Moving France

GEM Member – Activ Moving France – Covid19 Announcement – Regarding France, we have rules given to us by the Health Dept to respect and follow but we are operating in the country without too many difficulties

Schools and some stores are closed for 2 weeks

Italy – Ciesse Srl

GEM Member: Ciesse Srl – Milan (Covid19 Announcement!)

Ciesse Srl want to inform that they are still operating without too many difficulties in Milan.

Malaysia- Ambassador Worldwide Movers

GEM Member – Covid19 Announcement – Ambassador Worldwide Movers

Malaysia has been placed in a lock-down mode because of the virus outbreak effective from March 18th. until 31st March (at the earliest).

Our sincere apologies if your request has not been attended to in a timely manner.


The Malaysian Prime Minister has declared a temporary shut-down of the various business operations including the movement of people both domestically and internationally. Almost all businesses are either on total shut down or operating on a skeleton basis.

Due to this, the import and export handling of shipments at points of arrival is now at a snail pace.

We are operational but will have to operate within the guidelines of the lock-down.

The guidelines do change on a day to day basis depending on the severity of the disease transmission and number of infections.

We are here to assist in any way should the membership need assistance.

Sincere thanks and kind regards.

Jimi Dhillon LLB

(Managing Director)


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