Branding Your Company into Your Customer’s Mind!

Just in case you missed our article about the importance of branding for International movers, here it is again! It is from Issue 5 of the GEM Movers’ Magazine.
The moving industry is a competitive place for medium sized companies so it’s important to take advantage of all tools available to get a head start on your competitors. You company’s brand is very important and can, if maintained correctly, put you ahead of your competition. Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) is happy to help you with this. Here are some tips on branding perfection:
First, is brand identity, this is the colors you use, the fonts of all written materials, wording, hash-tags and company slogans. These are essential ans need to be clear and consistent.
Next, branding guidelines. These are a clear set of rules for your marketing team to follow when they are putting together ads and marketing materials. This ties in closely with brand identity and ensures that consistency is kept.
Then comes maintaining your brand and showing brand consistency in everything you do with your company. This makes your company, logo and services synonymous with the industry you operate in. You want your potential customers to already be familiar with your company. You want them to think international moving when they see your logo and name.
Consistency, if done right, fills your customer with confidence. If you are seeing a post for a company with different colors and themes to their advertisements with each ad, does it fill you with confidence? Does this company stick in your mind? The answer is simple: No! If a company’s marketing and branding is unpredictable it brings a feeling of concern as it shows inconsistency. Don’t send mixed signals in your marketing, Ads and branding. Be consistent and be trusted!
The final thing is brand recognition. You want them to already have you in mind for their next move. You want your branding to be instantly recognized. We aren’t talking globally we are talking about being recognized in your city and in the GEM Network. Use social media platforms, your website, your GEM Profile page and our magazine to make your company’s branding seamless across the board.

Written by: Matthew O’Hagan

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