Be a front page mover!

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) is happy to announce our 2019 special offer. This offer is for our 1st member of 2019. That member will receive a prominent front page feature on our next GEM Movers’ Magazine. The GEM Movers’ Magazine is a monthly digital publication that goes out to removal companies, international schools and a number of multi-national companies globally and has a reading audience of over 3,000.
As a GEM Mover, you will receive exclusivity in your area as we adhere to a strict 1 member per city policy. You will also receive unlimited free advertising in the GEM Movers’ Magazine whenever you want it! Global Exclusive Movers’ Network is the only exclusive network that is solely dedicated to the international removal, relocation and mobility industry. As well as all of this as a GEM Mover there are a number of REWARDS available to you to help you make savings on your membership renewals. These rewards schemes are specially designed to help make an active network.
But, that is not all! Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) also offers the most competitive membership fees in the industry. Our pricing and high level of service cannot be beat! Apply now and start 2019 strong. Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) Exclusively Stronger Together!
Apply Now before your city gets taken!

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