Ambassador Worldwide Movers – Covid19 Announcement

GEM Member – Covid19 Announcement – Ambassador Worldwide Movers Malaysia has been placed in a lock-down mode because of the virus outbreak effective from March 18th. until 31st March (at the earliest). Our sincere apologies if your request has not been attended to in a timely manner

The Malaysian Prime Minister has declared a temporary shut-down of the various business operations including the movement of people both domestically and internationally. Almost all business are either on total shut down or operating on a skeleton basis. Due to this, the import and export handling of shipments at points of arrival is now at a snail pace. We are operational but will have to operate within the guidelines of the lock-down. The guidelines do change on a day to day basis depending on the severity of the disease transmission and number of infection. We are here to assist in any way should the membership need assistance. Sincere thanks and kind regards. 

Jimi Dhillon LLB (Managing Director) 


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